180 was born in January of 2003. The name 180Decals stems from my (Bryar Perry) early motocross racing. The first year I raced the World Mini Grand Prix at Las Vegas, NV in 1996, the NMA assigned me the number 180. I was racing the 50cc 7-8 class at the time and I’ve kept that number ever since. I still race. For the past 5 years I have raced select rounds of the AMA outdoor series in the 250 class. Racing and graphic designing are my two passions in life.
My father was always a graphic guy, trying to come up with different ideas, so I get a lot of that from him. We started out locally of course, making graphics for racing friends in the northern California area. From there it's grown to what it is now.
We have appeared on several different project bikes and magazines over the year and have worked with teams such as MDK Honda, Eleven10 mods, Valli Yamaha and Motosport/crossland racing. A few riders we have helped along the way are: Nick Wey, Dean Wilson, Josh Hill, Justin Hill, Rusty Holland, Justin Keeney, Alex Martin, Phil Nicoletti
Wil Hahn, Travis Baker, Jeremy Martin, Kyle Partridge, Ryan Hughes, Tyler Bowers, Eric Nye, Tiger lacey, Jimmy Albertson along with many others.
We feel privileged to still be around 12 years later and we hope to be around for many more. We really want to thank all of our customers, You really drive us to keep pushing forward.